Leader in Training - LIT

The Leader in Training (LIT) program aims to develop character, leadership skills, and the knowledge needed to be an effective role model. Our animated, motivational, and responsible leaders will guide our young teens to grow into the best camp counselor. Our trained staff will provide the LIT with unique challenges demonstrated through laughter, teamwork, and problem-solving. We focus on each individual’s strengths, driving them to reach goals for themselves and their peers. We strongly believe any young teen deserves the chance to utilize the vital life skills we practice throughout our program. This training will prepare our candidates for the full-fledged Coach-in-training program when they apply at age 15.

The LIT must be at least 13 years of age. An enrolled camper accepted into the LIT program will receive a tuition discount for their participation.

A LIT will receive a CPR/AED & First Aid certification and community service hours! LITs are brought through an interview to introduce the process; we encourage candidates to get involved every step of the way (online application, scheduling of interview & independently attending the interview) so we create a non-intimidating atmosphere to enhance their work ethic and provide the confidence and practice they need for future endeavors. Our program is offered throughout the season and requires at least a five-week commitment.