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Leadership Skills

At Camp Coconuts, we refer to our camp counselors as coaches. We are coaches because we lead, train, instruct, prepare, guide, and help our campers in all of their endeavors throughout each and every camp day. Before camp begins each summer, we hold orientations for all Camp Coconuts employees so that everyone may have a chance to meet the team that they will be working with in order to assure that our campers have the best summer ever. These orientations are also used as a way to introduce leadership training so that all coaches will feel confident being the leader of a group of campers. One of the great things about being a coach is that you receive the great honor of becoming a role model for the campers. This serves as an excellent way for coaches to set positive examples for the children- making sure to demonstrate accountability, integrity, and compassion. 

A Learning Experience

For people interested in working with children, being a Camp Coconuts coach will provide you with a great foundation of skills. This experience enhances personal growth, without a doubt. Working with children for weeks, over the course of the summer, will teach you the most appropriate and effective ways to communicate with campers which will help develop respect and also foster an open line of communication. You will become an expert at problem solving and critical thinking as a result of constantly having to think on your feet and react and respond to the surprises that every camp day has in store. Coaches will learn behavior management, to put the welfare of others above his/ her own, to be patient with children, respond to their needs, all while making sure that everyone is safe and having fun. 


The Camp Coconuts team is a fun and friendly group of people who make it all the more exciting to come to work every day. While campers are making friendships with one another that will last a lifetime, our coaches are doing the same. The bonds that are formed over the course of the summer at Camp Coconuts are unbreakable, for the children and adults. 

A Fun Job

Being a coach at a summer camp is unlike any other job; you are able to live, play and work outdoors with a number of amazing team members. This job requires that you be creative, silly, and fun. Our coaches enjoy themselves and have a great deal of fun playing, talking, and participating in activities with the campers. The games, activities, and field trips that take place at Camp Coconuts are not only enjoyed by the children either! Coaches also have a ton of fun with field games, playing GaGa, swimming, ice skating, learning martial arts, making arts and crafts, and going on field trips! 

A Memorable Summer 

There is a reason that campers and coaches come back to Camp Coconuts summer after summer. The camp experience has a way of altering lives for the better. There is nothing more rewarding than helping to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Camp Coconuts is committed to creating an awesome summer experience, helping children to develop relationships that will last a lifetime, to become more physically fit, mentally focused and confident- through laughter, play and exercise.