Camp Coconuts FAQs

What are your minimum requirements for camp registration?
A camper’s session can range anywhere from 3 to 10 weeks. Our minimum requirement is 3 weeks of attendance for our 5-day program and 5 weeks or more for our 4 & 3-day enrollment options. We recommend campers attend for at least 4 weeks. This provides your child/children adequate time to become part of the Camp Coconuts community and develop strong, meaningful relationships with other campers and our Coaches. 

What is the age range of your campers?
Our youngest campers are four years old and entering preschool (they MUST be potty trained); our oldest campers are 14 years old.

How are campers grouped?
Campers are grouped by the grade level they are entering the upcoming school year and by gender.

How many campers will be in my child’s group/bunk?
The typical group consists of 15-25 campers of the same gender and grade/age.

How many team members supervise each group?
We maintain a minimum ratio of 1:8 for our older campers and 1:5 for our younger campers. Each group is supervised by a Head Coach (college age or older), Junior Coach (high school juniors or seniors), and Counselor in Training. Camper Leaders in Training (LITs) also assist with camper’s activities but are not included in the supervision ratio. Groups max out around 20 campers. Larger groups will have more coaches.

What are your camp hours?
The camp day runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Do you offer “Before and After” hours of care?
Yes, we offer before care and aftercare, allowing campers to extend their camp day from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Families can book extended care for the additional hours they need.

What is the cost of extended care?
Before care $15/day/child; After care $15/day/child.; Before and after care $25/day/child

Do you offer a lunch program?
Yes! Lunch is included with enrollment. Check out our menu page

Do you offer transportation? 
Yes! Check out our Central pick-up and drop-off locations under the transportation page. Our Central Transportation options make getting to and from camp efficient, and it is included with camper enrollment! Central is the most popular transportation option among our Camp Coconuts families. Based on camp families’ locations, we’ve designated numerous shopping centers, schools, and street corners as “central locations.” These designated drop-off and pick-up spots are strategically located.

Do campers receive swim lessons?
Yes! Instructional Red Cross Swim Lessons are included in camper programming for groups grades Pre-K through 4th grade. All campers, regardless of age, have a daily free swim. All campers will have their swim ability tested before swimming by the aquatics team.

Do you have medical personnel on your staff?
We have a camp nurse on staff and an EMT that will travel with campers off-site. All staff is trained and certified in AED & CPR. Several team members are certified in Epi-Pen administration.

Who teaches the daily camp activities?
Activities such as Red Cross swim lessons, martial arts, ropes, arts and crafts, sports and games, archery, music, theater, and dance are led by qualified adults with the training, certifications, and/or teaching & professional experience in their focus area.

What activities will campers do during inclement weather days (rainy, hot, humid, and hazy)?
In the event of inclement weather, we have secondary schedules for groups. On some rainy days, we can arrange impromptu excursions. Impromptu excursions will have an additional cost; however, they are also optional. We aim to keep the additional cost low when choosing an impromptu excursion.

Do you apply sunscreen?
We ask that parents apply sunscreen at home before sending their children to camp. Throughout the day, there are regularly scheduled times for the reapplication of sunscreen. We ask that campers bring their own sunscreen labeled with their name. We always have extra sunscreen on hand but ask that each camper bring their own. If your child is fair-skinned, we highly recommend the additional use of rash guards and hats. Please remember that sunburn often does not show itself until campers (like adults) are out of the direct sun. Please remind your child of the importance of reapplying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and hydrating throughout the camp day.

Excursions…that’s right weekly trips?
Enroll your camper in our weekly excursions! By enrolling your camper, they will attend one age-appropriate excursion each week. Campers must bring their lunch on all scheduled excursions unless otherwise specified. We will notify families if a group lunch option is offered on a trip day.

Are you able to swap days of attendance or makeup days missed?
No swapping of days or attendance or makeup days for missed camp.

Can a camper be picked up early from camp?
Early pickups disrupt our camper's programming and create logistical challenges. We can not accommodate consistent early departure for campers. If you wish to arrange an early pickup, you must notify the office 24 hours in advance, pick up before 2:30 pm, and arrive 15 minutes before the pick-up time. This allows for ample time to notify staff members, prepare for the camper's early dismissal with their scheduled programming, and not interfere end of the day camper dismissal.

Do you offer a Leader in Training Program?
Our LIT program is designed to allow mature 13 and 14-year-old campers to experience camp in an assistant leadership role. LITs will participate in this role for half of the camp day. This program requires the individual to be patient with children and desire to be in a leadership training role. While no prior experience is necessary, our LITs will work under the supervision of our coaches, assisting them with daily activities. Prospective candidates can apply online at LITs will receive a discount on summer tuition for participation and acceptance into the program.

What should campers bring each day and for special activities?
Please see our Camper Checklist.

Are cell phones permitted at camp?
Cell phones are not permitted at camp. Please contact the camp office if you need to speak with your child during the camp day. For special consideration where a camper will need a cell phone at camp, please contact the office to discuss.

Are hand-held games permitted at camp?
Hand-held video games or other electronic games are not permitted at camp. The camp day has a full schedule of enriching and engaging activities so that these are not needed at camp. Camp Coconuts is not responsible for electronics that are lost or broken at camp.

What is your Tax ID number?

Our Tax ID is:  81-1927095

We have zero tolerance for hitting, biting, cursing, and bullying. If your child is involved in any altercation, a parent will be called, and the child will be sent home. Repeated offense(s) will result in suspension or expulsion. No refund will be made if your child is asked to leave camp. We believe all campers should respect their peers and rules. We ask that all parents work with us to make these issues non-existent.