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Summer Camp in Middletown NJ

Excited to be registered for my kids 2nd year at Camp Coconuts! Last year was a great experience for both of my kids, but it was amazing for my daughter! She was painfully shy before going to camp, and she really didn't want to go to camp. One of the first things she said when I told her she was going was "what if someone I don't know talks to me?" with tears in her eyes. But thanks to the amazing staff at camp, they made her feel comfortable, welcome, and like she belonged! She has broken out of her shell! I didn't think anyone could penetrate that wall! She has made new friends at camp, which gave her the confidence she needed to come out of her comfort zone and make new friends at school. Before camp, she NEVER would have even looked at someone she didn't know, let alone talk to them! She is a freshmen in high school this year and again, thanks to Camp Coconuts, she has made new friends at school, joined a couple of clubs, and played on the Freshman Field Hockey team! She laughs like she hasn't laughed in years. She tries new things without me having to twist her arm, and she embraces new experiences! Thank you, thank you, thank you Coach D and your amazing staff! -Melissa Bates-Robison

"my son had such an awesome experience making new friends, doing super fun activities, going on field trips, and still learning in the process throughout the summer, he has asked me over and over again all year when camp starts again.  I'm glad as a parent to have him apart of such a great program where he can grow, be safe, and have fun." -C.H.

My kids can't wait for camp to start, they constantly talk about the places they visited, the games they played, the parties and costumes,  listening to them one would think they spent the summer at Disney. I can't say enough about the staff and the experience my kids had last summer. I tell everyone I know that the best camp they will find is right in Middletown - to all the coaches thank you for taking care of Gianna and AJ the way you did! We'll see you in June - Gail T

Camper Coconuts is "Simply the Most Fun a Kid Can Have This Summer"! Camp Coconuts is a summer day camp located in the heart of Middletown, NJ.

Each week campers will enjoy versatile and exciting programming which includes: swim lessons, free swim, ice-skating, Euro Bungee, Aeroball, martial arts, archery (ages 9+), drama, music, Glee, dance, free play, kickball, soccer, field hockey, basketball, arts and crafts, volleyball, Nukem, gaga, low ropes activities, Flying Squirrel, team building activities, exciting excursions, theme days, and much more! Did we forget to mention that campers will be participating in these activities several times a week!

Camp Coconuts is committed to creating a wonderful summer experience for its campers. We focus on helping children develop relationships that will last a lifetime in a fun, inviting, and supportive environment where kids can become more physically fit, mentally focused and confident. It is through laughter, play and exercise that Camp Coconuts helps campers achieve success!

Adventure Awaits! June 24, 2019 – August 30, 2019

Everything included in one low price so don’t waste any time, secure your spot today! Check out our summers of fun from previous years on the Camp Coconuts Facebook page and CampCoconuts.com! Want to get in touch with us? Email us coachd@campcoconuts.com at or give us a call at (732) 856-9473!