Meet the Directors

Craig Doyle – Director 

Has been a part of the camp community for twelve years as a camper, coach and member of the senior team! Craig studied child advocacy and policy at Montclair State University. On his off time he enjoys instructing swim to children and adults. In addition, Craig coaches a Special Olympics Swim Team called the Piranhas! Craig’s personal mission in life is to help every child achieve their personal goal. Craig’s favorite things about camp are: it’s one big family, a place you can express yourself, be amongst your peers, and the friendships you make will last the rest of your life. 

Deana Valente - Owner & Director

Bob Meyer - Director & "King Coconut" ​

Bob Meyer grew up in Middletown, New Jersey. He graduated with a degree in exercise physiology from Montclair State University. Teaching Martial Arts since 1994, he has operated his own school since 1996. He purchased 365 Fitness in 2008 to help fulfill his vision to create an atmosphere for family fitness and well-being. Bob is a fifth degree black belt and also enjoys coaching his son and daughter’s soccer teams.

Christopher DiGiorgio - Director​ With a B.S. in Exercise Science Sports Studies from Rutgers University Christopher began his professional career with assisting in starting Camp Coconuts. Prior to Camp Coconuts he was a martial arts instructor for over 10 years where he worked with individuals of all ages, backgrounds and learning abilities. What he enjoys most about camp is that it provides a natural environment where children can educate themselves through play, sports and exploration. All the while in a fun, inviting and safe atmosphere filled with plenty of laughter and friendships!

Camp Coconuts Summer Day Camp