Drop Off 8:30 to 9 am 'Driver thru drop off'

As families drive down Overton Road you will pass Goddard school on the left. Families will enter the first parking lot in the second entrance. Parents will drive on the right side of the cones pulling up as far as possible. The first three vehicles will be assisted by a team member to help the campers exit from the right side of the vehicle. Parents will remain in the car during this time. Once goodbyes and great days are exchanged parents can safely can pull away to exit the parking lot.

Pick-up 4:00

Campers M-Z will pick up in the same location as morning drop off. Camper A-L at the white tent at the far end of the driveway and parking lot. Parents will park their cars and can walk up to dismissal table where staff will check the campers out.

Camp Coconuts provides two forms of transportation and services to most areas of Monmouth County. Certified, experienced, and mature drivers who follow stringent safety regulations provide transportation. Our Director customizes each transportation route and hand selects the driver and van counselor. 

Door-to-door Pick Up is available for a fee of $80.00 per week/child and is available in select locations in Monmouth County.

Group Central Locations Pick-up and Drop Off (Subject to change for 2019 season)