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Camper Groups

Summer Camp in Middletown NJ

  • Puffer Fish (Boys & Girls Pre-K)
  • Starfish (K girls)
  • Spider Monkeys (K boys)
  • Sea Ponies (1st Grade girls)
  • Barracudas (1st grade boys)
  • Angelfish (2nd Grade girls)
  • Sting Rays (2nd Grade boys)
  • Butterflies (3rd Grade girls)
  • Dolphins (4th Grade girls)
  • Hammerheads (4th grade boys)
  • Mermaids (5th grade girls)
  • Great Whites (5th grade boys)
  • Soul Surfers (6th grade girls)
  • Samoans (6th grade boys)
  • Pele (7th Grade girls)
  • Jaguars (7th Grade boys)
  • Wahini (8th Grade girls)
  • Fire walkers (8th Grade boys)