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Season's Greetings & Happy Holidays!

During this joyous season, we believe it is very important to lend a helping hand to those in our community and spread some holiday cheer. Over the years Project Mrs. Claus has done just that with your help! Last year, we were able to fill 108 Christmas wish lists for families in our community and throughout New Jersey & New York. The requests are mainly for toys as one might expect, however there are requests for clothing and life essentials too.

This is a great way for us all to allow our children to learn and experience these things first hand. I see this as an opportunity to teach by example, and I know how rewarding of an experience this can be for you and your children. I know you are all busy. So, all I ask is that if you have time you lend a hand - as you all know, I'll ask again next time! Last year together, we were able to fill 108 Christmas wish lists. We mailed 58 crates of gifts. It was a tremendous undertaking and there is no way we could have achieved this without your help - I was completely humbled by the generosity of our camp families.

So, this holiday season our goal is to fulfill 120 Christmas wish lists!

Here's how it works:
You can fill a Dear Santa letter, one wish, or make a small donation. If you would like to choose a child's letter, we can scan a couple and email them to you for you to read or give you an individual wish to fill. We will do our best to match up your children with letters from kids of their own age, so they can fully embrace the task, and feel they really contributed to the cause. Once you have your wish request, simply take your Coconut and shop for the gift, wrap it, mark it with your letter number & gift letter, and drop off your gift donation at I AM Fitness by Wednesday, December 19th.

If you choose to make a financial pledge, our team will use the donation to fill wish requests and do the wrapping!

Kids learn what they live. So, we hope you see this as great way to show your children how to have compassion for others who may be less fortunate themselves.

Please join us in giving the gift of Joy and hope to children and parents this year!

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