Hi Parents!

This is a request to the Coconut Family and a challenge directly for our Coconuts. The Coconuts Kid Fit Foundation will be hosting a fundraiser to share our children’s gently used clothing with other children who may be less fortunate. Together we made such an extraordinary difference and touched so many lives with project Mrs. Claus this past Dec. I am so appreciative for all families who participated, and along with you, I am so proud of our kids and their spirit of giving. The response was truly overwhelming. We filled 64 Christmas lists! And sent 27 crates of wrapped presents anonymously to families throughout NJ!   WOW!  I now challenge all families to get involved here, and to even invite friends who are not part of the Coconuts’ family to join us in reaching kids throughout NJ.  This does not need to cost anything except your time and a little support for your/our own children. Let’s help our kids so they can start making a difference in this world now.  

If you are at all like me, each year you find that the majority of your children’s clothes no longer fit. In fact, very often there will be clothes from seasons past that have not been worn at all.  In our house it's all about recycle reuse and share, so each year I give away bags of clothing to friends or goodwill. I also receive bags of clothing from my friends. I'm always thrilled for the help and I appreciate that we are all trying to conserve. But the truth is we all do have more than our children will probably ever use. Wouldn’t it be great if we could give these clothes directly to a child that can use them this year? And to a family who really needs them? Thanks to the commitment of the Children’s Home Society of NJ, we can.  Please join us in Project Kids Clothing Kids, and get the clothes right into the hands and onto children who can really use them.

We know that when kids get involved in giving to other kids they learn the joy of compassion. We also know that when kids receive from other kids they learn the joy of kindness. We believe that these experiences will make a difference in this world and that this project can make a difference on both fronts.

The way it works is really simple.   Our campers choose some of their favorite play clothes or dress clothes that no longer fit, then they help wash and fold their gently used clothing, knowing that it is going to be given to another little boy or girl to use for this summer season. On May 21st  we will have a pizza packing party at I AM Fitness. Everyone is welcome to join us. We will together sort and seal the clothing (we will seal the bags with outfits for each age) and label it: for example: Boy size 5, or Girl size 10 etc. It will then be delivered to the children's home Society of New Jersey (there is one office in Trenton and one in Ocean but all areas of New Jersey and Easton Pennsylvania are served). The team there will match the packages directly to the families who need them and can use them right away. Nothing will be thrown into a clothing bin, and nothing will be sold for scraps. Your child’s outfit will wind up clothing another child of that size and gender this summer. It’s simple.

If it is in your heart to donate, funds will be used for delivering, gas and packing materials. To volunteer your time please visit our website for more information. If you have bags of used clothing please bring to the local food bank as they are always in need.

For this drive we need the clothes to be presented as a gift to the recipients, so that it will be received with as much love as it is given by our little ones.

We ask for an RSVP to Coachd@campcoconuts.com if you are going to participate so we know how much pizza we need!

Thank you,

Live Unlimited,

Coach D
If you cannot attend on the 21st and would like to drop off clothes, we will be collecting items daily at I AM Fitness. We ask that the clothes are separated by size and that gender is indicated.

 All children who participate in Project Kids Clothing Kids will be given a Pin of Power to put towards their collection for the end of the season.

***Just a reminder whichever camper has the most pins at the end of the 2017 camp season will receive a full week of camp for free in 2018.

Where: I AM Fitness located at 205 Harmony Road Middletown, NJ 07748
When: May 21st, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

How it Works
You along with your children choose one or more of their favorite article of summer clothing, that no longer fits them and bring it to I AM Fitness. Together we will fold, label, and seal care packages for children throughout New Jersey. Then along with the Children's Home Society of New Jersey we will match (care packages) directly with the right children.

Please join us in helping to teach kids to be compassionate and know kindness. 

Please do not bring winter clothing, we cannot store it.